SYINYAN was founded in 1994, specializing in the production of iron oxide series pigments, is the production and processing of iron oxide pigment in northern areaChina large-scale production base. Our factory is located in "an important transportation hub" of Shijiazhuang, near Beijing Tianjin Tanggu, convenient transportation. Our factory Gandour red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide,iron oxide, iron oxide, iron oxide red green blue acid, high content of iron oxide redseries products, the main use of scrap iron and nitric, sulfuric acid oxidation are made with pigment of high quality, quality standards fully meet the requirements of National GB1863-8 technology. The products are widely used in the field of cement, brick, tile,paint, ink, paint, rubber, plastics, ceramics etc..

SYINYAN pigment because of a long history, strong technical force, to guarantee thestability of product quality, the industry wide acclaim by the user; at the same time with a good reputation, high quality and attentive service, the best-selling products over 30provinces and autonomous regions; never stop SYINYAN since 2000 since thepreliminary into the international market, we China manufacturing SYINYAN pigment has been across the five continents of the world. Over the years we adhere to the"science and technology cast products, products cast the market" business philosophy, with excellent reputation, quality products and fine service to win customer service old customers and new and old customer trust.

SYINYAN pigments for color tile, terrazzo tiles, flower, pavement brick and other building materials colorants, but also can be used for advertising and paint, wood,rubber and plastic industry, bright color, high coloring rate, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers letter calls inquiries visit guidance. Can undertake a variety ofdifferent uses of the users and the requirements of customers, can also according to sample production and delivery.

Business philosophy: integrity, harmony, scale benefit.

Enterprise talent strategy: recruit more capable personnel, through the way ofintroduction and cultivation, the establishment of a branch to adapt to thedevelopment of stable high-quality talents. To achieve harmonious development ofthe enterprise economic benefit, social benefit and environmental benefit.

Enterprise core values: that the customer, partner, society and employees to create value for the premise, and promote the development of the culture of the Chinese nation, cooperation in the spirit of good faith height, with a high level of professionaladvice to customers, the company to become China excellent enterprise, andexcellent enterprises in the world.